Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Disney day in Liverpool

Yesterday I went to Liverpool with some of the other Disney people from the NorthWest! We had planned to meet up in Wetherspoon's near the train station, but when I got there the whole pub seemed to be full of Liverpool fans! So I posted on the facebook group for the meet and Vicky told me where they were sat so I didn't have to wonder around asking people if they were there for the Disney meet!

 Everyone was so friendly and it was great to meet other people who are as excited as I am about going to Disney! More and more people came and soon we had sort of taken over a corner of the pub, I think there was around 20-25 people there altogether.We did get some funny looks when we went round the table each saying our names and our roles! 

After Wetherspoon's we went onto another couple of bars and, as the weather was gorgeous, ended up in a beer garden discussing everything Disney! I was glad to find someone else who is on my flight :) Talking about Disney with everyone made it seem so much more real and I'm more excited than ever to head out to Florida because everyone was so friendly! I think another meet up is being planned and I can't wait to see everyone again :)   

72 Days to go! 

Leanne x

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